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The Style Journey. Get certified as an insider, specialist or expert in Wella Style by taking virtual and in person education.
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Just imagine becoming the style authority that colleagues and clients rely on. So much more than a training program, The Wella Style Certification Program will change your life and ignite your style skills, leading to delighted clients and a growing your business. It’s the accreditation that pays!
Certifications for the Style Journey
Cut Specialist Badge
The Style Insider Series is a collection of virtual seminars based on product knowledge and foundational expertise of our Wella Professionals, Nioxin and Sebastian brands. The sessions are live through Zoom and guided by one of our professional experts to allow you to interact and ask questions or self-guided. Once you have completed the Insider suite, you will take a knowledge check to ensure you have acquired the tools to continue your journey to the Specialist Series certification.

Style Insider Classes

Wella Care and Styling Virtual Class Image
Wella Care and Styling Virtual
A product knowledge overview of Wella Professionals Care and Styling. Throughout the seminar, you can ask questions to our professional experts!
Nioxin Virtual Classroom Class Image
Nioxin Virtual Classroom
Build up your knowledge and understanding of scalp and hair health. Expand your service menu and approach to thinning hair experiencing fragile hair, sensitive scalp and breakage. Throughout the seminar, you can ask questions to our professional experts!
Sebastian Virtual Classroom Class Image
Sebastian Virtual Classroom
Enable your creativity through understanding Sebastian liquid tools and gain confidence in proper product recommendations for your clients. Throughout the seminar, you can ask questions to our professional experts!
Instagram 101 Class Image
Instagram 101
An Instagram Guide for hair professionals. If you’re looking to build your clientele, an educator trying to fill your classrooms, or a salon owner seeking to support your employees to grow the salon business– this class is designed to develop your entire Instagram plan. Throughout the seminar, you can ask questions to our professional experts!
This class is an elective. It is suggested, but optional
Cut Specialist Badge
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From foundational Blowdry techniques to editorial and Creative hair designs, our Style Craft Series will immerse you in the building blocks of hairstyling. You will learn the fundamentals of how to work with hair as a fabric, transforming the hair to expand your expertise. You will learn to choose the right tools, techniques and products to achieve any design to create your finished look.

Style Specialist Classes

Style Craft I Class Image
Style Craft I
In Style Craft I, you will be immersed in the building blocks of styling. Learn the fundamentals of how to work with hair as a fabric, starting with prep to foundational blow dry techniques and choosing tools designed to create your finished look.
Style Craft II Class Image
Style Craft II
Building on Style Craft I and the styling fundamentals, Style Craft II focuses on transforming the hair fabric through the use of ironwork & the art of dressing to expand the range of shape & texture in every style.
Style Craft III Class Image
Style Craft III
Building on the foundational knowledge of Style Craft I & II, Style Craft III expands further into the world of styling, learning to control the hair fabric and create classic hairstyles, as well as modernize these timeless looks through additional finishing techniques.
Cut Specialist Badge
In the Style Expert seminar, stylists will learn the chemistry and physiology of hair, to understand better why and how hairstyles work. They will learn about all of the tools needed to create a beautiful look and when to use them. Principles and elements of design are a big focus on all five days. Stylists eyes will be trained on what to look for in an image to make it successful. Another focus is mood boarding and reverse mood boarding. When you understand how an image was created, it is much easier to then create your own. On the final day, all stylists will have the opportunity to shoot a look, showcasing everything they have learned throughout this series of seminars.

Style Expert Classes

Style Expert Class Image
Style Expert
Take a deep dive into the chemistry and physiology of hair to undertand why and how hair styles work along with understanding elements of design. Then, put what you learn in action on the last day of the program with a photoshoot!


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